PathFinder class

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Expose synchronous and asynchronous path finding methods in a node map.


Name Type Description
NodeMap INodeMap Node map where to find the path


Name Paramters types Return type Description
FindPath Void Node[] Find the shortest path in the node matrix
AsynchFindPath Find, in asynchronous mode, the shortest path in the node matrix
StopAsynchFind Guid Void Stop a specific asynchronous search instance
StopAllAsynchFind Void Void Stop all active asynchronous search instances


Name Type Description
PathFound PathFoundEventHandler Invoked when the asynch path finding function return


Name Paramters types Description
PathFinder(INodeMap nodeMap) INodeMap Create a new PathFinder instance


The PathFinder class do all of his operations on a node map class derived from the INodeMap interface, interrogating him for obtain the starting node, the ending node and the childs node of a specific node whith their costs. A wrong implementation of the node map will compromise the finding functionality.
The finding functions are recursives, so their efficiency are bound to the number of childs that every node can have.

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