Node class

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Implement data do manage the nodes for the A* algorithm.

Inherit: IComparable<T>, IEquatable<T>


Name Type Description
NodeGuid Guid Unique identifier of the node
Parent Node Actaul node parent Node object
G_CurrentCost Integer Current node cost (movement cost + parent current cost)
H_HeuristicDistance Integer Heuristic distance from the destination
F_PathScore Integer Current path cost (current cost + heuristic distance)
Item Object Generic object bound to the node


Name Parameters type Return type Description
CompareTo Node Integer Compare this istance with another one first by path score then by current cost
Equals Node Boolean Verify if the istance is equal to another one comparing the identifers


Name Paramaters types Description
Node(Node, int, int) Node, Integer, Integer Create a new Node instance
Node(Guid, Node, int, int) Guid, Node, Integer, Integer Create a new Node instance with a given identifier


When creating a new Node istance the parent node, movement cost and heuristic distance must always be passed.
Only in the starting or ending node the parent node can be null and the cost and heuristic distance set to 0.

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