Versione italiana expose all function for A* path finding algorithm usu in AStar namespace.

How to use

The path finding is managed by the PathFinder class, using a node map derived from INodeMap interface. The result path can optionally being managed by Navigator class.
Because PathFinder class is for generic purpose, the node's childs assignement, the movement cost from one node to another and the heuristic algorithm for the distance from a node to the destination must be implemented in the class that describe the node map derived from INodeMap.

AStar namespace



  • INodeMap - Expose methods to allow path finding in a node map.


  • Node - Describe the algorithm navigable node.
  • PathFinder - Expose synchronous and asynchronous path finding methods in a node map.
  • Navigator - Expose methods to navigate a path obtained by a path finder class.
  • NodeNavigationEventArgs - Describe the navigation event involved node.

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